Home automation has quickly become a necessity in the modern home. The ability to simplify your life by controlling the amenities in your home whenever you want and wherever you are is essential in today's world. An intuitive control system will enable you to set your lights, shades, temperature, music, security system, and more with the touch of a finger. It offers time savings by allowing you to have pre-programmed scenes, like "goodbye" which can turn off lights, TVs, music, adjust the temperature, and set the house alarm all with one command. You will no longer have to run around the house doing all of these tasks when you're running late to work. The possibilities are endless to create a safe, comfortable, and effortless environment for your home life.


Video distribution makes it possible to watch any source, such as cable or satellite TV, AppleTV, Roku, DVD and Blu-Rays, in any room of your house. You can even pause something in one room and pick up right where you left off in another, or quickly check in on what your kids are watching without being in the same room. And, how many times have you had multiple TVs playing during your Superbowl party, but one is ahead or behind another and everyone is cheering or jeering at different times? By having a video distribution system, all of your equipment will be located in a central place and sent to all of the displays throughout your house. This will reduce the number of components you need, save you money, and eliminate the clutter of stacks of equipment in each room.


Shades and draperies are not only decorative enhancements, but they provide privacy, adjust natural light, save energy, and offer protection for your furnishings and artwork. A motorized shading system offers the ability to monitor and control your shades and draperies whenever you want from wherever you are. Additionally, they can be raised or lowered and opened or closed automatically, at set intervals to maintain the UV rays and heat coming through your windows potentially damaging your furnishings or artwork. We can work with you, your designer, and your architect to implement the proper shading system and to select or customize the type of fabric you want that enhances the atmosphere of your space.


In today's technologically-driven world, a reliable and secure network is of the utmost importance. It's also the backbone that connects the entire system seamlessly. A robust network enables all of the components to perform at their best, keeping everything running consistently and smoothly. We build a sophisticated enterprise-grade infrastructure, using the most powerful equipment available, to keep all of your devices connected and to ensure that you have dependable, high-speed, and secure coverage throughout your property.


Not everyone has the space for a dedicated theater in their home, nor does everyone want one. A media room offers more flexibility, as both a functional and social space, where you can entertain friends or spend a cozy evening at home with just the family. Turn your family room, bonus room, or den into a screening room without disturbing the decor by concealing the electronics. With the touch of a button, a motorized screen can come down from a trap door in the ceiling, or a giant TV can be revealed from behind artwork. Speakers can be discreetly arranged or completely invisible in walls and ceilings. We can create an environment that works for you and your family to maximize the space you have and give you the modern entertainment you want. 

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Audio Distribution can provide you with music wherever you want in your house. If there are multiple people in your household, chances are each person will have their own music preferences. With an audio distribution system, different music from different sources can be played in each area of your house at the same time. Whether you want background music for a dinner party, loud pumping music in your gym, or a 2-channel speaker system to listen to your favorite symphony, you can have all of these options. Control of volume and music selection can be easily and conveniently changed from anywhere.


Lighting not only sets the mood and enhances the decor in your home, it also aids in security and energy savings. Automated lighting can adapt as the natural light changes throughout the day. No more arriving home to a dark house, yelling at your kids to turn the lights off when they leave a room, or running to turn on the outside lights if you hear a noise. With an automated lighting system, you can have lights turn on or off automatically based on your preferences. For example, have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? You either stumble in the dark or blind yourself by turning on the lights. We can program lights to turn on at a low setting automatically if you need to get up. These are only a few of the many options or scenes you can create if you install an automated lighting system. 


Being able to keep an eye on your property and restrict access is a vital part of staying safe in today's world. With access control you are able to monitor who is coming and going, restrict days and times of entry, allow a friend or family member to get inside without having a key, or have your doors lock automatically in case you forget. You can even be notified via text when your child gets home from school. Another safety and convenience feature for access control is having the ability to see who is at your door and talk to them without opening it. A camera system gives you peace of mind knowing that you can view and record activity on your property from anywhere in the world. Did someone steal a package from your front porch? Just cue up your recorder to the event and get ready to catch a thief. Or, perhaps you want a camera in your child’s playroom so you can observe them while doing the dishes in the other room. There are many options for camera systems that will fit your needs and help you feel secure in your own home.


Controlling your home also extends past the walls and into your yard. Perhaps you want to listen to music while you lounge in the pool, or watch a sporting event while grilling some favorites on the BBQ with friends. Being able to listen to music or watch something on your outdoor screen can make any outdoor activity more enjoyable. There are many weather-proof electronics that can enhance or blend into any backyard. With an automated control system, you can heat up the pool or spa before you get home so it's at the perfect temperature without having to wait after your long work day. Suppose it starts to rain and your sprinklers are set to go on. You can easily turn them off from your smartphone and not waste water or ruin your landscaping by overwatering.  And don't forget about outdoor lighting, which can not only set the mood but also aids in safety.


Your own private theater is the ultimate thrill in viewing entertainment. Whether you want to watch movies, sports, TV shows, or play video games, you can have an electrifying visual and audio experience in your custom theater. We design and build for accurate acoustics, sound isolation, lighting, screen size, speaker placement, viewing distance, and seating arrangement, while paying careful attention to the size and shape of the space. We advise on options, such as 5.1, 7.1, 7.2, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, and IMAX, if you want DCI-compliant, or are part of the Bel Air Circuit. After installation, everything is skillfully calibrated for optimal picture and sound. Our DCP creation and distribution services, along with our extensive experience in the post-production industry, makes us uniquely qualified to create high-end, quality theater designs, giving you a true cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. 

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Running a successful company means being able to focus on what needs to get done without distraction. Smart technology improves business operations and efficiency by automatically controlling lighting, shades, temperature, music, and video so you don't have to think about it. You can set a welcoming environment for your guests and business associates from the moment they walk into your office with background music and the right natural light that adjusts as the light changes outside. You can keep an eye on your business with alerts of comings and goings, access to security cameras, and have the ability to control features from wherever you are. At opening or closing time, just the press of a button will arm or disarm security, raise or lower shades, set the temperature, turn on or off lights, etc. Modern, elegant technology will impress anyone you do business with.


Whether you are addressing a small group or a large audience, you need an environment that supports the image you want to portray. From rolling out a new product, presenting to stockholders, or holding an annual meeting for your employees, we can create the perfect space. For example, a flashy and theatrical atmosphere with a large screen or multiple video displays, enhanced by lighting design and amazing sound that will reinforce the excitement of your new product launch. Or, a small and intimate space for a more relaxed and engaging feel to encourage conversation and brainstorming. With state-of-the-art audio and video systems, microphones, lighting control, projectors, wireless connectivity, and laptop displays, communication is easy for every presentation you make.

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In today's fast-paced digital age, it is essential to be equipped with the right technology for your business, not only to save time, but to increase productivity and communication as well. With one touch of a button, you can get your conference room ready for a meeting, while you focus on the task at hand. An integrated system enables lights, thermostats, TVs, projectors, audio systems, video conferencing, and teleconferencing systems to work together seamlessly. By equipping your team with the technology they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently, you will keep your business operating at it's peak in this competitive world.


New Box Solutions' long-standing relationship working with Hollywood's top producers, directors, and studios providing post-production services, gives us the advantage of knowing what they want the audience to experience when going to see a movie. When producers and directors create a film, they want the audience to experience it at the highest quality, in the way that they intended it to be seen and heard. They expect the color, clarity, resolution, and sound to be of the utmost standard. Creating the proper venue that will align itself with the performance standards expected, takes a great deal of careful and meticulous planning, engineering, and execution. Every theater New Box designs involves the building of the room, taking into consideration ductwork and structural needs, acoustic treatments and sound isolation, choosing the right screen size and type, speaker configuration, projection system, custom seating and riser levels, lighting, and control. Every piece is deliberately selected to ensure optimal performance throughout the entire system. Our expertise with system calibration also comes into play, as it is a crucial step to guarantee accuracy. Whether we're producing a Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, or IMAX theater, every moviegoer will have the most immersive and exhilarating experience.

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The production process will typically require a screening space to view content in a theatrical-like setting, as to
view it the way it will ultimately be experienced. New Box Solutions is called on by many of the studios and production facilities to provide these screening services. Audio and video quality are being critically judged during this process and New Box delivers with the precise equipment needed. A significant amount of color correction and special effects are also produced in these temporary facilities, so we are meticulous with our setup, as the director's creative results are ultimately based on systems that New Box builds.


A DCP is the final package for a movie that is encrypted and distributed to cinemas. The standards and security are very stringent and operate globally. New Box Solutions is trusted by studios to collect the final production content and convert to a DCP. Once converted, the DCP is the highest quality content available and is only viewable in very specific DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) compliant theaters. New Box Solutions conforms to the rigors and security of DCI and DCP creation and distribution services when producing and delivering packages. 

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One never knows how good a movie or TV show is until it is tested on live audiences. The studios bring in New Box to create an audience response system prior to the final cut of a movie or TV show. Many details come into play with these systems, such as working in very low light conditions, being unobtrusive to the audience, and collecting very specific data. This experience has helped New Box design highly accurate measurement systems, be methodical about the results, and build nearly invisible solutions. The data collected provides critical information to the studios that will allow them to make changes based on what appeals to the people who will eventually watch the final product.


New Box Solutions is said to have the “golden eye” when it comes to color accuracy. Our team has meticulously configured and calibrated post production facilities with an eye towards perfection. Every monitor, projector, and screen must be perfectly calibrated to the industry standards or the movie will look different in the theater. This is more than simply adjusting the displays; every piece of hardware and software in the system must be masterfully tuned to deliver perfect results.

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New Box specializes in creating memorable, one of a kind experiences for our clients' one-off events. We work closely with their events team starting from the initial concept, to procuring and setting up the equipment, to managing all of the tech during the actual event. We meticulously plan to execute their vision and bring it to life. New Box maintains a growing inventory of projectors, screens, audio equipment, servers, and PA equipment, and we also have strategic partnerships with Barco, Meyer Sound, Dolby, QSC, and many other key manufacturers. This enables us to readily fulfill unique requests and ramp up for larger scale events that require huge amounts of equipment.


Producing a successful film festival requires a great deal of planning, project management, and coordination - three crucial elements that New Box excels in. With a highly organized, detail-oriented, and adept team, New Box has the experience and track record to flawlessly handle all of the technical needs that are essential to enabling our clients to convey their message and art to their audience.


When a company wants to plan a special event, whether it is for a presentation, new product roll out, or celebration, they want it to be meaningful and impressive. New Box can work with your team to create the perfect atmosphere to represent your goal. We will set you up with the proper equipment and technical team to ensure that your event will go smoothly and successfully. We work closely with a trusted network of specialty equipment and design vendors across the country which allows us to broaden our offerings while being able to stay nimble and competitive in our pricing.

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