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Our Process


How do you live in your home? Our discovery process begins with this mindful question. Do you like to entertain, do you watch sports or movies, are you a music lover, do you spend a lot of time outside in your yard, do you have children or pets? By asking these questions, we are learning about your lifestyle so we are better able to design a system that suits your needs and gives you the comfort and convenience you want in your daily life. We advise on which brands and technologies are reliable, which play well together, and what new innovations are out there. Our goal is to balance the desires of our client with the realities of technological trends, budge constraints, and built-in obsolescence. 


Once we have determined which features and solutions will achieve the desired result for you, we develop a scope of work that will carry out the plan that was defined during the discovery process. Comprehensive system integration requires meticulous planning and design to ensure that everything operates perfectly. Our system design team will develop detailed documentation which will define all aspects of the functionality for each area, create extensive drawings and plan sets that show where all hardware and wire drops will be located, and generate reports that specify all project hardware and labor. By giving careful attention to the numerous details involved, we can safeguard against costly mistakes, deliver consistent performance, and also allow for future expansion or upgrades.


Project Management, an often overlooked service, is crucial to making sure that the plan is executed precisely as described. A smart home project requires planning, organization, and allocation of resources. Additionally, procedures and protocols need to be met and unforeseen problems should be resolved quickly and satisfactorily. Our project managers are effective communicators who coordinate with all stakeholders, from the builder to the electrician, to the HVAC engineer, they make sure that all details are attended to and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. 


There are several key phases to installing an integrated system to guarantee a reliable result. We begin with the prewire or rough-in phase, which occurs during framing before the walls are up. This is when all wiring is run, labeled, and tested thoroughly to establish a solid infrastructure. Speaker brackets, backboxes, in-wall lighting and low-voltage enclosures, etc. are also installed. Next is the trim phase, which occurs after the walls are painted, in which we install speakers, jacks, keypads, wall plates, etc. During this phase, the equipment racks are built, configured, and fully tested offsite. Last, but not least, is the finish phase. This takes place once everything else, including all construction, is done and the environment is completely dust free. All electronics and other components are placed, such as TVs, cameras, touchpanels, motorized shades, etc.


No matter how well all of the parts and pieces are put together, the system has little value if the end user finds it difficult or frustrating to use. Great programming should make sophisticated technology intuitive and easy to use. By tying multiple complex subsystems together, like shades, HVAC, lighting, video, and music, and presenting them to the user in a beautiful and simple way, even the most sophisticated systems can be powerful while still user friendly. Our approach is to be clear and consistent throughout all interfaces. Whether you're controlling your devices from your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, you will be able to navigate easily, as you recognize the layout and icons on each page. 


Now comes the fun part - getting to play with everything. Once the project is complete and everything has been installed and tested, we will sit down with you to show you how everything works and to answer any questions you might have. Being able to witness our clients control their house for the first time and see the excitement on their faces is always the best part of the job. Knowing that we were able to provide the comfort and convenience that everyone deserves in their life is why we do what we do. Over the first weeks of living with your new system, there may be questions or changes you want to make. Just give us a call and we will be there to help. 


When we complete your project, we don’t just say we’re done and walk away. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, where we can be there to offer support for many years to come. Just like your vehicle needs regular maintenance, and over time requires service or replacement parts, so do your highly sensitive electronics. We believe in taking a proactive approach to caring for your system by providing continued tuning and system adjustments at set time intervals based on your system’s unique needs. We also employ a remote monitoring system. By managing devices remotely, we can often see potential trouble and correct it before it’s even noticed. Remote access can also give us the ability to view your system’s network and provide diagnostics over the phone, rather than having to send a technician, which saves time and money. When something goes wrong, which is an inevitable truth about electronics, we will be there to fix it quickly. We offer 24 hour service, customer care packages, and preventative maintenance to make sure that your investment is protected. And, the fact that constant innovation continues to advance electronic equipment, means that there may be new features and enhanced performance that you will want to discuss in the future.

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